About Us

Sachin Kumar

Founder & Managing Director

Counselor, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Career Counseling, Healthy Parenting, Stress Management, Stream Selection, Personality Assessment, Career Interest Assessment, Life Skills Assessment, Guidance for Grade Improvement.

Mission & Vision

Being Unico helps individuals to identify, unleash & utilize the hidden inborn potential in career and life, based on elaborate assessment procedures utilizing standardized Inborn Potential Aptitude Report(IPAR). Human beings differ from one another and there is absolutely no reason to teach and assess all individuals in the identical way.

We aim at bringing a meaningful transformation and a positive change in the life of every individual in the world by exploring the real potential of their brain by finger print analysis. We believe that every human being is born with an unlimited potential and help individuals to realise their inborn potential for maximum result and satisfaction. It is acknowledged that all individuals have strengths and weakness which must be supported in a strategic way for them to meet their potential.

  • The Students -
    Geniuses are not to be created but discovered, everyone is a genius if provided with the right opportunity to unfold the creative-capacity.
  • The Parents -
    Effective and healthy parenting skills for a close knit family environment through effective child rearing practices.
  • The Teachers -
    Learning the skills for an effective classroom climate and comprehensive development of the student.
  • The Schools -
    Creating an ambience of trust, friendship and holistic growth, with overall growth.
  • The Corporates -
    Fine tune the skills set for better productivity.

What We Do ?

We are a Research & Development based Organisation in the domain of Brain Psychology. Being Unico helps the students to identify, unleash & utilize the hidden potential in the career of their choice, based on elaborative assessment procedures utilizing Standardized Inborn Potential Aptitude Test for a better insight into us. We are involved in skill based training for career counseling and personality development. We design personalized programs suitable to every institute and its requirements. Moreover, our professional Counselors provide advices and suggestions to resolve Real Time issues, Academic issues and Life Agendas.